Dog Walking, Dog Boarding, Dog Training & Cat Feeding

Dog walking/doggy day care

We have several acres of securely fenced private land that is used for dog walking. This consists of traditional green land and some mixed woodland. During very hot periods, or periods of inclement weather the woodland also provides shelter!

Dogs will be collected in a fully equipped and insured vehicle. They are then taken to private land where they will be exercised. We aim to exercise your dogs for two hours, however in extreme weather conditions (hot, cold, wet) we will use our common sense to determine the appropriate length and intensity of the walk.

As well as walking, we keep your dog stimulated mentally and physically through play with the handlers. Dogs will also be allowed to socialise with other "doggy friends", matched according to personality.

Initially your dog will be carefully introduced to our walking environment and the other dogs. As your dog settles into our routine, it will be allowed more interaction.

After the walk dogs are returned to their homes, unless they are with us for doggie day care. Your dog will be left as arranged (kitchen, crate etc) and your home will be secured.

Home Boarding

Please note that due to high demand boarding is currently restricted to existing dog walking and boarding customers. Dog walking/doggy day care is unaffected.

Your dog can either be dropped off or picked up from your home (pickup and drop off fully included).

All dogs live as part of our family in our own home, and we stick to your routine as far as reasonably possible. We feed our own dogs and all their doggy visitors Arden Grange, this is a premium quality, hypoallergenic food as we only want the best for everyone, but please let us know if your dog is on a special diet. Medicine routines will also be continued while you are away.

Your dog will be exercised along with our other regulars during the day.

There are no limits on duration of stay from overnight to longer holiday periods.

Cat Feeding

Most cats like their home comforts and routines. As an alternative to catteries we will visit your home twice a day to feed you cat and change the water. We also clean all feeding areas and clean and change litter if required.